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Parallel Lines


Wade Bercegeay

Hi! My name is Wade Bercegeay, and I have been working in construction since I was kid. In fact, I was only 13 years old when I began working with my family!
By the time I turned 18, I worked as a full-time Frame Carpenter and advanced as the Lead Carpenter of the crew.
Although I loved leading a team, I aspired to build my own company. Being too young to chase my dreams, I took a new direction in the trade of sales.

Throughout my years, I have accumulated 20 years of construction experience and 10 years of sales. I can thoroughly say that I love meeting homeowners in my field of work and nothing puts a smile on my face like a roof well-done!


Robert Fernandez

Hi, my name is Robert Fernandez. I started my construction career in the Glass/Store-Front Industry. I Installed storefronts on various strip-malls, office buildings, and schools for six years.
In my early twenties, I started a handyman business that led me to roofing. This business also led me to taking care of rental property for multiple families in the Morgan City and Houma area. Since then, I have been dealing with real-estate in the area for the past five years.

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